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Atbang Fine Chocolate

Chocolate from Bohol

Our Tree to Bar Chocolate is made from beans sourced from Atbang Farm® and from Bohol farmers. (Bohol Chocolate can also mean its famous Chocolate Hills).
Please note: all prices are in Philippine pesos.

Our signature 92g square boxes:

Atbang 72 boxed

Our boxed Atbang 72 is fine dark chocolate, and our most popular product                               Price: 260

Atbang 100 boxed 100% pure chocolate

Atbang 100 Ceremonial Grade

Our boxed Atbang 100 is pure 100% fine chocolate.                                   Price: 260                   


The Chocolate Experience

From Tree to Bar: crafting organic chocolate at Atbang Farm®, we take pride in every step of the chocolate-making process, ensuring each bar embodies the essence of our Food Forest. From sowing cacao seeds to nurturing seedlings and cacao trees, then harvesting the pods, we believe in the "Tree to Bar" approach, which guarantees the highest quality chocolate experience.

Understanding Chocolate Percentages

A Spectrum of Flavours: Have you ever wondered what those percentages on chocolate bars mean? The percentage refers to the amount of cacao solids and cocoa butter present in the chocolate. For example, our 72% chocolate bar contains 72% cacao solids and cocoa butter. The remaining 28% in our bars consists only of refined white sugar; we do not use artificial flavourings. Higher cacao percentages generally indicate a more intense and bolder chocolate, with less sweetness. Lower percentages tend to be both sweeter and milder.

Indulge in our Craft Chocolate, created with love and dedication. Experience the essence of Bohol in every bite, knowing that each bar represents a blend of nature's bounty and artisanal craftsmanship.

Atbang 50g bars
Price: 150 each

Atbang 60 contains 60% cocao,
and 40% sugar 

Atbang 72 contains 72% cocao,
and 28% sugar

Atbang 85 contains 85% cocao,
and 15% sugar 

Small bar Atbang 60
Small bar Atbang 60 with Asin Tibuok

Atbang 60 with sprinkled  Artisanal Sea Salt (Asin Tibuok) 

Small bar Atbang 72
Small bar Atbang 85
Small bar Atbang Dark Milk

Atbang Dark Milk contains 52% cocao,
8% milk, and 40% sugar 

All Mini Bar boxes contain 24 bars. Choice as above.             Price: 340 

Atbang Dark Milk Mini Bars
Atbang Gift Box for 6 bars

Atbang Gift boxes

This gift box contains 6 different 50g bars, or it can be assembled to order. 
Price: 945

Atbang Gift Box for 3 square boxes

This gift box contains 2 square bars of Atbang 72 and 1 square bar of Atbang 100, or it can be assembled to order.
Price: 825 

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